Protect yourself from Tax Related ID Theft

This week I am dedicating space and time to sharing vital information from the Federal Trade Commission on Tax Related Identity Theft.  In my role as a tax professional I have seen mulitudes fall victim to these types of scams.

Take a look below at some valuable information from the FTC.

It’s Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week — Are You Ready?

 Ready for tax season? If you haven’t heard about tax identity theft, you may not be. Continue reading

Are you ready for tax time?

Tax filing season is scheduled to start on 1/29/18.  Given the current government shutdown, that may or may not happen on time.  It is important to know that even though the government was shutdown on 1/20/18, there will be no extension of time to file or pay, except the regular form 4868 Extension to File (which is not an extension to pay).  

The biggest challenge I see for my clients in preparing for tax time is making sure they have all the information they need.  Here are three ways to get organized for tax season. Continue reading

Budget 101

A version of this article was first published on Military Spouse Advocacy Network. I am honored to be working with them. 

Google the word “budget” and you will get page after page results. Every finance blogger/author/guru has an opinion on the best way.  I say the best way to budget is the one you will stick with doing.

In its plain vanilla form, a budget is a spending plan for your money. It is how, when, and where you tell your money what to do.  In the beginning, a budget can be painful.  It hurts sometimes to see those numbers flow in and out. But you cannot begin to master what you do not measure.   Continue reading