Conversations about everyday money

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Many of us have been taught that discussing money is not polite, appropriate, or acceptable.  That’s exactly why we need to have these conversations.

We don’t have a FIRE (financially independent, retire early) community here, but you can join me over on Facebook.  It is a place to get together and talk about everyday money triumphs and challenges.  It is a judgment-free zone to ask questions, discover what is important to you and how you can use money as the tool it should be to help support your values.

Finances are like food

Everyone needs it; we can’t live without it. Some of us need more than others. We can’t avoid it. Some are even get addicted to money or the rush they get when they have or spend money.  Money can also have different flavors, such as passive, capital gain, ordinary, windfall, or debt.

Financial literacy can be learned

Anyone can learn what interest rates do and mean, how to increase their credit score, or how to become a budget boss. YOU CAN DO IT.

Visit the blog to find articles on money topics, and my particular passion, taxes. Watch for announcements for challenges or classes. Join the conversation and share your life’s lessons.

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I love to get together to talk money, taxes, or military spouse life!  Contact me with your questions, to suggest a topic, or request a class.